Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Flight

Three hours left untill I will be in Brussels, Belgium. It's crazy that in what feels like the same amount of time to travel halfway up California I can travel half way across the world. I got stuck in the middle seat of a relatively small plane and I'm about to go crazy. My mom would say I "have ants in my pants." With another movie starting, battery still left on the ipod, and one more meal to be served, the three hours should go by fast.

They say we are traveling at nearly 700 miles per hour, which is ten times faster than driving a car on the freeway. It's so easy to travel nowadays and I'm sorry I people take so little advantage of it.

As we fly east into the Atlantic, night quickly passes us by as it travels the opposite direction. Tomorrow's morning will come early, as will it seem the summer's end.

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