Friday, June 3, 2011

Hume Lake

There was a time two years ago when I moved back home from Hume Lake into the real world, away from the near-perfect and idealistic community that is only possible on the mountain top. Now, I am here again, returning for a short glimpse of the community that I was apart of, the community that I dream of re-creating everywhere I go. The community is one-of-a-kind, but you also learn to enjoy the moments you get to yourself. Solitary moments that you must fight for at home come easy here, where life slows down and is calm, quiet, and restful.

George, Jordan, and I are laying out in the grass lawn with the lake in front of us, and the sun peaking through the clouds as we read, write, and recover sleep from a long trip and a late night. We ended up leaving Orange County at 9:30 and drove all through the night, arriving at Hume at 3am. We were so tired, we pulled down the back seats of the 4 runner and all three of us crammed in the back. We had only two sleeping bags to share, and we ended up spooning half the night just to stay warm. The weather had brought snow here only a week ago, and still kept the night (and day, too) very cold. We found a place to shower and clean up this morning, and then made a french press (and another) to pick us up from the three hours of sleep we may have had. Our loaf of peanut butter and jelly barely lasted the trip here, most of it was gone before we were through LA. Tonight, we'll finish them off for dinner.

For these two days we are homeless at Hume Lake, sleeping in our car and on grass lawns, scrounging for food, making our own coffee. This is what happens when you decide to "surprise" your friends while they are preparing camp for thousands kids, but its been awesome just seeing their faces.

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  1. What a great start to a what promises to be an amazing adventure. Keep sharing and I'll keep following.