Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gone With the Routine (At Least For a Summer)

Today is the day of my finals, and I still consider it to be my day off. After a weekend like the one that just passed, I would do anything anywhere so long as i can do it while sitting in a chair all day. Plus, school has never been very hard for me, and this semester's classes have been much easier than the one's previous. As for my weekend, beginning Thursday night I worked over 50 hours between my two jobs, and that was after a normal week going to school full time and working Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nothing about me agrees with working this much, living to work and being a slave to making money, but i haven't been doing it for 6 months under normal circumstances, either. I have been saving my money, spending very little on food and gas, not making any big purchases either, accept for the ones that have to do with Greece. $1600 on airfare to New York, to Bulgaria, Hungary, all the way to Greece, to England, Germany, and back home to Los Angeles seemed like a good deal to me.

This is why I work so much. Because when its so easy to be pressured by society into normalcy, to pursue the same American Dream as everyone else of wealth, success, and power, to go in debt for life in school, get a neat, life-long career, keep up with the nicest and newest of cars, marry a cute and done up wife, go into further debt on a house, have a few kids and spoil them like crazy, and compete with your friends for the nicest two week vacation - I will escape first for a summer, but eventually for life, into the unknown and foreign corners of the earth. I will have no plan, no expectation, no where to be, and very little security. I will be vulnerable to the world, the good that can be found in it, but also the bad. I will be in a constant state of learning where all of life will be my teacher.

For a summer, and eventually, for a lifetime, I will be on a journey to loose myself, and discover the life there is to be had. If life was a dreamer, I imagine it would be waiting to be had by everybody. I think that not even two people can have an identical experience. Even if they are both present at the same place at the same time, life would reveal itself differently to each of them. Inconceivable is the amount of experience and wisdom in the world waiting to be discovered. I am on a journey to grab ahold of my share, just as a son would receive his inheritance in the times of old. Life is an inheritance that far too many people, like Isaac, are willing to give up for a mere scrap of bread. Actually, it was soup, but it was only enough to sustain until the very next meal, while an inheritance can sustain for life.

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  1. My dearest friend. I'm SO happy for your journey. Go and have the expeirence of a lifetime. Along the way let the dreamer teach you stuff that you never imagined existed:concepts, idea's, culture, life, and spirituality. Have an open mind!
    I'm most PROUD! of you for stepping out on a limb. That society would see as a weak one. Defy, all EXPECTATION. Defy, all DOUBT'S. Defy, all CRITICISM, Defy, all WEAKNESS. Defy, all NEGATIVITY. Defy, all THAT IS AGAINST YOU.
    One final word to sum this up. OVERCOMER!
    D.McGee out. God's speed be with you!!